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Free Touchscreen POS system solution to Windows XP end of support for all California and USA based merchants using POS systems.

All California and USA based touchscreen point of sale system merchants, running on Windows XP software, will need to upgrade their software. Some merchants will even be forced to buy or lease new touchscreen POS systems, as if their POS hardware is too old, the Windows 8.1 upgrade will not work.

 As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer be providing Windows XP support, or XP automatic security updates. So, what does this mean to the thousands of restaurant, bar, deli, pizza, and retail merchants in the USA that are running Windows XP on their POS systems?

Well, for starters, the XP software is now vulnerable to hackers, viruses, spyware, and malware.  This will make the business owners’ and customers’ vulnerable to identity theft and payment card fraud risks. Additionally, by not having the POS systems secure, the merchants using Windows XP will be non-compliant to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Payment card breaches are an expensive undertaking, and damage business’ reputations in the marketplace.  The card processing fines and chargeback issues can force a business into bankruptcy, and if not, then the business will see an increase in card processing costs.

So, what are merchant options to avoid the issues with Windows XP end of support? 

Option 1: If POS hardware is not too old, then upgrade to Windows 8.1.

Option2:  Buy or lease expensive touchscreen POS hardware and software.

Option 3: Get a complete all-in-one touchscreen POS hardware and software solution, with no upfront costs, expensive leases, or large cash outlays, from Harbortouch and by joining Harbortouch’s free touchscreen POS program. (Not a tablet POS package, but a heavy- duty, built-for-purpose, high-speed touchscreen POS bundle).


Harbortouch and have taken the pain of dealing with outdated POS software and hardware since 2011, with our revolutionary free touchscreen POS program, that over a thousand merchants a month are switching to.

Merchants will never have outdated software or hardware again with our low monthly service and support fee. Customized programming, lifetime warranty, replacements, upgrades, on-site repairs, installation and training, with unlimited 24/7 tech support via phone, email, website, and live chat are all included in our Service Based POS business model.

Read below what our Harbortouch POS National Sales Trainer, Sean Berg has to say about the Windows XP end of support:

“Competing touchscreen point of sale system providers will most likely require the merchants to purchase new hardware, which supports windows 7. The reseller or touchscreen POS dealer, would then charge their labor fees to install the new software as long as the merchant is up to date on their subscription service (The subscription service can cost anywhere from $150 to $2400 depending on which POS product and how many terminals).

It does not make financial sense for traditional POS Providers of the standard upfront cost model, to supply a simple method of transitioning from XP. This opens a large potential sales opportunity for the traditional POS providers and strengthens the value statement of Service Based models such as our Harbortouch Free Touchscreen POS program.” believes there will be more POS software programs and POS hardware becoming outdated.  This is great for the traditional POS resellers/dealers, as the break-and-fix model is the way they continue to make money. 

Now, with Harbortouch and , we are not resellers or POS dealers, but are the manufacturers and POS support partners of your businesses.  We are vested in your success, as if your businesses do not make money, then we lose as well!

Come see how we can help your business grow and prosper, with our Service Based touchscreen POS business model. Never be afraid of POS hardware or software upgrade requirements again!  Call toll free 1-888-834-2561 Ext.101 (9am-9pm PST), or email today for a no-obligation touchscreen POS quote.

Visit us online at for more information and to see how little of an investment is required, (e.g., 4 complete touchscreen POS all-in-one bundles, with programming, delivery, installation, training, daily data backups, and unlimited support for less than $615 upfront).  After 5 years, you will own the POS equipment, and for as little as $0.64 a day per POS bundle, have the option to continue to receive lifetime warranty, replacements, upgrades, on-site repairs, unlimited 24/7 support, and more.

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